BioSystems Dragonfang

weapon (melee)

This prototype bioware is designed as a psionically-powered competitor to Nihonjin vibroblade technology. The device is a paired biotech gauntlet and black enamel sword. The sword uses the statistics for a foil. When formatted, the device grants +2 accuracy to all attacks and maneuvers with the sword. When the sword is brandished, the device also enhances Psychokinesis Modes in a similar fashion to an Enhancer gauntlet (Trinity p.262), adding 2 for the purpose of determining range, area of effect, duration, etc.

Finally, a Psychokinetic can channel Modes into the blade to accomplish certain effects. A psion with Pyrokinesis can spend a point of Psi to partially convert the blade into plasma, acting as an oversized thermal cutter (Tech manual p.91). A psion with Telekinesis can spend a point of Psi to convert the blade into a vibrosword (Aurora Australis p.114) with the added benefit that it ignores 2 points of the target’s lethal soak. These effects persist for a scene, unless the wielder is incapacitated or the sword is disarmed. Also, while these effects are in use the Device cannot act as an enhancer gauntlet.

The device’s drawback is that the blade is easier to break than its orbital steel counterparts. However any well-equipped biotech lab can easily regrow the blade; the important organs are stored in the hilt and the gauntlet.

Type: Biotech
Damage: Str+3L / Str+5L (vibrosword) / 10L (thermal cutter)
Conceal: O
Mass: 3
Tolerance: 3
Cost: Unique (Device Background 3)


BioSystems Dragonfang

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