L-K Beast F66

weapon (ranged)

This weapon is a concept design rifle using old technologies with modern materials. The result is a classic semi-automatic “hunting” rifle with a light orbital steel frame and olaminium bore. It is a semi-automatic weapon with a ten-round magazine. Its firing mechanism works in vacuum, the safety can be manually or electronically controlled, and it can be broken down for easy storage.

The F66 also comes with an advanced computer targeting system housed in a specialized scope. This “Occulight” targeting system performs as a typical scope, but provides +3 rather than the usual +2 bonus to the first round of aiming (see Trinity, p.245). The scope also provides IR/thermal/UV imaging, obviating holograms and piercing light cover. The onboard computer is voice-activated and can photograph and collect biometric data on targets, though as computer agents go it doesn’t have much of a personality. The Occulight can electronically manipulate the safety on the F66, as indicated above. This scope system is detachable and can be placed on other weapons with some Engineering, although most other weapons will not have a safety mechanism that the Occulight can manipulate.

The F66 also is equipped with a Bei Fong brand stabilizer system. Spending a round to plant the weapon on a stable surface grants a +1 to accuracy. This stabilizer can also be removed and placed on some other weapons with some Engineering, but really only benefits long-barrel slugthrowers.

The drawback of the F66 is that it is inaccurate at short ranges; firing on targets less than 10 meters away will change its Accuracy rating to -1, and it does not benefit from point-blank shot bonuses. Furthermore, the F66 requires regular tuning and maintenance. An Engineer with an Ability total of 7 can do it, as can any Engineer with the Gunsmith Specialty.

Type: Hardtech
Accuracy: +1
Damage: 8L
Range: 800
Mass: 2.5
ROF: 1
Conceal: N / O (disassembled)
Clip: 10
Cost: Unique (Device Background 3)


L-K Beast F66

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