Accomplishing certain feats in-game will gain you an “Achievement.” Each can only be gained once per player, and each is worth 1XP. As always, XP accrues to the player, and so is awarded to all the characters that player has.

Some Achievements are secret until they are accomplished by a player, at which time the full description will be listed.

◯ Now, I am the Master- ?
◯ Five Rings- Defeat 10 melee opponents in one scene.
◯ Xenocide- Kill a space alien.
◯ You Are The Weapon- Kill an Aberrant.
◯ God Hand- Kill an Aberrant in hand-to-hand combat.
◯ Ex Deus- ?
◯ Neon Genesis Evangelion- ?

◯ Hope- Become a Psion
◯ Sacrifice- ?
◯ Unity- ?

◯ Mind Over Matter- Reach 5 dots in a Mode.
◯ Skill beats Strength- Reach 5 dots and 3 Specialties in an Ability.
◯ Strength beats Skill- Reach 5 dots in every Attribute in a category (Physical, Social, or Mental)
◯ When All are One- ?
◯ Unlimited Power- ?
◯ You Schmendrick, You- Botch.
◯ Munchkin- ?

◯ Larssen Badge- Use psionics to kill.
◯ Cassel Badge- Use psionics to profit.
◯ Bue Li Badge- Use psionics to control.
◯ Herzog Badge- Use psionics to understand.
◯ del Fuego Badge- Use psionics to deceive.
◯ Zweidler Badge- Use psionics to repair.
◯ Atwan Badge- Use psionics to escape.
◯ Bhurano Badge- Use psionics to discover.

◯ Ugly Cute- ?
◯ Sputnik- Leave Earth.
◯ Ad Astra- ?
◯ You Have No Power Over Me- ?
◯ It’s the Only Way To Be Sure- Use a nuclear weapon.
◯ New Life, New Civilizations- ?
◯ Black Ships- ?
◯ Wealth Gap- Own real property.
◯ Space Captain- Command a ship.
◯ On Wings of Fire- ?
◯ 1-up- Bring someone back from the brink.
◯ Lensman- ?
◯ …and the Law Won- Get arrested.
SHUT UP!!!- ?
◯ My Young Apprentice- Recruit a latent.
◯ The Last Unicorn- ?


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