House Rules

1. The “It Looks Different” rule. Not so much a rule as a statement of setting alterations; this game will diverge from the canon Aeon-verse on several points. As examples, I find many canon depictions of the Norca racist, and the Coalition to be flat-out offensive. So if you know a lot about the setting expect some changes.

2. The “Friendship is Magic” rule. In the middle of the game table will be a pool of chits called the “Gestalt.” Each time a PC takes a risk to accomplish something selfless and communitarian, the GM adds a chit to the pool. Chits may be taken by any PC to add dice to any roll, or to spend in lieu of Psi points. (Credit to John Wick and his game, “Thirty”)

3. A clarification on formatting bioware: if no specific benefit for formatting bioware is listed, you probably get +2 dice on skill rolls involved in using it.

4. The “I love video games” rule. Accomplishing certain deeds in game, called “achievements,” will get you an experience point. This is in addition to experience points gained at the end of each game.

5. The “stable of PCs” rule. Players may maintain as many characters as they wish, all of whom have the full amount of XP that player has earned. This way I do not feel so bad when misfortune befalls any one of your PCs, and the player can try out many aspects of the Aeonverse.

6. The “arms control” rule. Starting Telepath and Vitakinetic characters are not permitted to take dots in the Psychbending and Algesis Modes, respectively. These powers are considered especially offensive, and their misuse would lead to exceptionally bad PR for the organizations that teach them. They must be acquired in-play, either by gaining the trust of superiors or by finding an unscrupulous teacher. The Prometheus Effect may give psions the first dot in either of these Modes, but increasing them will require finding in-play teachers.

7. The “no qualities” rule. In the standard rules, high-level Attributes have a reroll mechanic called “Qualities.” I am not using Qualities. Do not take them.

8. The “easy initiative” rule. Initiative is Wits+Dex. You can’t improve it independently using Bonus Points or XP. Also, rarely will Initiative be rolled, just compared.

9. Specialties in Abilities cost a flat 3 XP, not “current rating” whatever that means.

House Rules

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