The Lost Children

4. The Beat and the Pulse

The PCs receive their first assignment: to observe suspected rogue psion Prof. Faisal Zimmer, at the Orgotek San Francisco training campus. He is suspected of passing weapons technology to terrorist groups or possibly factions of the FSA’s shadowy government, and the PCs are to attempt extraction if the FSA moves on him. Since the PCs are young and relatively unknown, they are sent in posing as students. Some collegiate hijinks ensue.

Xena is particularly skilled at Engineering and Science so she befriends the absent-minded professor Zimmer. He reveals that he worked on biotech computing for the recently-unveiled jumpship project, and that he has an interest in understanding the infamous Kuwasha Virus phenomenon better. Xena hacks into the campus mainframe and finds evidence that Prof. Zimmer did travel to Luna during the jumpship project timeframe.

The PCs are invited by the campus dean Marcus Srinivasan to a fundraising dinner. (The campus is small, and having a group of French refugees makes a good show for the donors). The PCs find various formalwear. They also do some research into Prof. Zimmer and find that he was recently married to a woman named Giada. The PCs encounter Prof. and Mrs. Zimmer at the fundraising dinner, where they become even more suspicious of Giada, steal her minicomp, and put a tracking program on it.

The next day, the professor is not at his classes. Further research from the PCs reveals that Giada is an FSA agent. They go to Prof. Zimmer’s house and find it ransacked and deserted. All of the computers have been stolen except for the house-managing computer and a prototype biocomp, which frankly doesn’t look like a computer. Interfacing with the biocomp, Xena learns that it was built to study the Kuwasha Virus and manage a containment unit for the infamously tricky quantum program. The containment unit is not present.

The PCs track down Giada by using her own minicomp, and find her and several agents interrogating Prof. Zimmer. A fight ensues, and it is revealed that one of the agents has rare cybernetic enhancements. The PCs wound Giada and the cyber-agent, and escape with the professor.

As the PCs rush to the extraction point, they interrogate Zimmer about the location of the Kuwasha Virus. He is reluctant, since he fully believes that Aeon will terminate him for meddling with Aberrant technology. But forced at gunpoint he reveals the location of his Kuwasha Virus sample. The PCs decide to hold onto this knowledge, and return to the Chicago arcology along with the Professor.


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