The Lost Children

3. Rebirth

The PCs are recruited by the various Psi Orders befitting their latent aptitudes. Each receive training, initiation, and finally, psionic triggering in the Prometheus Chambers. It is only later that they discover that they each were triggered at the same time.

Nine months after their departure they are called in by the Aeon Trinity organization in Chicago. Proteus director William Renton and Neptune operative Hector Ramirez meet the PCs in the Trinity building, and offer them a position on a special task force devoted to bringing in rogue psions. The PCs wonder why them, and are told that it is rare to have a cohesive team of psions who already know each other and who were triggered at the same time. Trinity sees them as a kind of experiment, but at the same time will provide full backing.

(Also joining the task force is a depressed middle-aged Aesculapian named Dr. Thaddeus Wu).

The PCs agree to form this task force, and are given an apartment suite in the Chicago arcology.


nephandi nephandi

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